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A dynotag is a smart tag you can use to attach information to any object. The dynotag's owner is the only person who can manage the tag and update the information in it. Other people can only view what the tag owner decides to share. Dynotags offer an amazing set of features and come with lifetime service included - NO subscription needed. Dynotags are maintenance free - and come with lifetime replacement warranty!
We offer purpose-built products for a variety of applications, all powered by our Dynotag Cloud Service (DCS). Simply pick the dynotag product for the application you have in mind - and we'll deliver them to your door. Existing Dynotag User? Please read

Pick an application category to see the ready-to use products we offer for that application. Main categories are:

Luggage, bags, electronics, laptops - any property you want to recover. Share as little or as much as you want on your tags, update the information even after your property is out of sight!

Allergies? Medical Conditions? Consent Forms? Insurance information? You can store a variety of vital information in these specially designed tags we developed in cooperation with First Responders. Update anytime. Keep all or parts of the information securely password protected. No loved one should be without!

Our pets need all the help they can get when they go missing or get injured. Using our Super Pet Tag products, you can store an entire lifetime worth of medical, licensing and owner information on a dynotag, update anytime as needed! Rich set of capabilities, full functionality -  included in your dynotag for life!

 Need to keep tabs on a lot of equipment, property, tools? These specially designed, economical, bulk tags let you get going without any special software - and they last for life.