Charm Emergency Contact Info Tag
Charm Emergency Contact Info Tag
Charm Emergency Contact Info Tag
Charm Emergency Contact Info Tag
Charm Emergency Contact Info Tag
Charm Emergency Contact Info Tag
Charm Emergency Contact Info Tag
Charm Emergency Contact Info Tag
Charm Emergency Contact Info Tag

Charm Emergency Contact Info Tag

This tag is made of tough, waterproof polymer-coated stainless steel! 

Supplied lobster clasp enables easy attachment to your existent jewelry, zipper, etc.  

Designed to be visible and demand attention in an emergency situation.

Its 22mm diameter small size strikes a balance between visisbility and size. If you need a larger, more visible tag, IDKIT-059 is a 30mm diameter version that offers increased visibility and toughness.

You enter the information into the tag and update as you need. By default, the tag is password protected, which you can adjust to fit your needs. Various sample information templates are provided to get you going. You can start simple and add more information over time.

Dynotag has you covered with an extensive selection of tough, purpose built, ready-to-use Emergency Contact Information (ECI) products.

These amazingly capable Smart Emergency Information Tags offer much more than an ordinary ID tag - you get a complete Emergency Information Management System!  They come with  DYNOIQ™ feature set built-in and with service included for LIFE! (learn more)

We worked with First Response personnel to engineer these tags to meet and exceed Amber Alert information maintenance requirements!

You can start with basic vital information on your tag, then add more complete documents and update them over time as your needs change. We'll supply you with some recommended templates to get you started.

Each file you put in the tag can be public or password protected, and you can also create a password for the tag itself. 

Full GOLD-level capabilities!

This product comes with Gold-level functionality.  This includes advanced capabilities such as:

This product comes with a LIFETIME subscription.
No hidden fees, no monthly or annual recurring subscription plan.

Product Activation

This tag comes with an activation code, which you can use with a free account at Click "Activate Tag" on the Home screen for instructions.

Get Protection in Multiple Ways

With Dynotag's technology, you can set up multiple tags to share information of an existing "primary" tag in your collection. We call this a "mirror" and “reflection” relationship. For instance, many users get an ECI Card Kit and a ECI Military Style Pendant, and set the pendant to use the same info in the Card Kit. This way, there is only one set of information to maintain. You can set up an unlimited number of tags as reflections of an existing tag in your collection. 

Be prepared! No loved one should be without a Dynotag Smart Emergency Contact Information Tag!




Dynotag Capabilities

All dynotags feature our patented Smart Tag technology, developed in cooperation with emergency response experts:

Your purchase includes a lifetime subscription and plenty of storage space.
We don't charge any recurring fees for your subscription.

No Electronics, Radio - or Batteries. How Does it Work?

Dynotags are passive; they have no battery, electronics, radio, etc. The Dynotag Cloud Service (DCS) does all the "brain" work for the tags!
Location tracking uses the electronics of the smartphone or computer viewing the tag:

  1. Smartphones have detailed awareness of their location at all times.
  2. When any device views the tag, DCS requests its location.
  3. A notification email is sent to the tag owner within seconds.
  4. We keep a private access log for the tag owner to view from their Dynotag account.
  5. If we can't get a precise location, we still log access time and IP address to give you a rough estimate.

Lost & Found offices, first responders, security, and transportation service staff are required by law to contact you if they can. A dynotag on your property provides them with that key information.
Similarly, a dynotag Emergency Information tag provides first responders with vital information to administer proper help and get in touch with the contacts listed in the tag.


All Dynotag products come with a one-year tag replacement guarantee.

The cloud component of your tag is maintained by dynotag and will be kept available for life.

You can remove this information from the system by “resetting” a tag that belongs to your account.

Dynotags Come with Built-in Rewards

When you pick from our extensive selection of smart tags, our "Good Samaritan Rewards" and "Shelter Angel" programs provide rewards on your behalf!

Every Purchase Helps Pets In Need

“Shelter Angel” is a charity program is funded by a portion of proceeds from Dynotag's product sales.

Our goal is to help increase pet shelter adoptions by giving new adopters a free Dynotag Super Pet Tag and increasing awareness for millions of pets waiting to be adopted.

About Us

Dynotag is a consumer technology company based in Seattle, WA. We have been offering consumers and businesses instant global solutions based on our patented Web Enabled Smart Tag technology since 2011. 

All our products are designed and manufactured to our specifications. Final assembly and Quality Assurance is performed in the U.S. Our core cloud service infrastructure is based in the U.S.