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SuperIDs by Dynotag
Smart Luggage and Property Tags

Enables Secure Access to your Contact info Using Any SmartPhone or Computer!

Make it easy for people to return your lost items – without displaying your personal information in public where it is vulnerable to identity theft. With a SuperTag ID, someone who finds your luggage or lost property can use their smartphone, tablet or computer to unlock and view your contact info. It’s also a great way to store records for easy retrieval when you need them.
  • More and better info to recover lost items
  • Protects your privacy
  • Easily updated when info changes
  • Free online record system to store info and images
  • Lifetime subscription included
  • Lifetime replacement warranty
SuperIDs by Dynotag
See How It works!

Works worldwide, anyplace there is internet access.

What Can You Protect with a SuperTag ID?

Anything you don’t want to lose.

SuperTag IDs come in a variety of tag and sticker sizes for:
  • Luggage, purses and backpacks
  • Cell phones, computers and electronics
  • Athletic gear and equipment
  • Tools and equipment
  • Eyeglasses and other items
  • And more…

All managed through a single account.

SuperIDs by Dynotag

Protect yourself , your family and your pets, too with our other smart ID products.
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