-- MegaTags

Large Size Laminated MegaTags for Professional Use

Almost as large as a postcard and secured with DOUBLE steel loops, these tags are ready for most demanding conditions and professional applications such as convention equipment cases, stage equipment and exploration sites!

Our synthetic laminated  synthetic tags are engineered for strength and lightness. (learn more)

Our PROTAGZ series MEGA tags are engineered for very high visibility and extreme toughness. They are HUGE at 84mm x 150mm large, made of resilient, synthetic triple layer laminate material and feature a metal grommet for extra resilience. Designed as big as a postcard, they feature Military/Emergency grade visibility for use on your professional gear boxes and luggage.

There is even a large area that can be written on with a permanent marker - for further personalization. We include TWO braided stainless steel loops with this tag to attach with double the security. Always add a drop of glue on the screw of the loop to make the steel loop permanent.