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Lost & Found rooms all over the world are full of treasures that can't be returned, simply because no one knows who owns them!
Most People Want to Do the Right Thing.
Most people who find misplaced property will try to find the owner. If it's easy, great! If not, though, they'll give up.
Our tags let you provide fully custom information, along with a little incentive to help those people do the right thing.
Many personnel are required by law to make their best effort to contact you. Make it easy for them, and they'll make it easy for you.
Protect Against Identity Theft!
Why take a risk? Even a phone number might be more than you want to share with a random stranger.
Our patented Smart Tags let you control who sees what. You can use a tablet or smartphone to update your information on the fly, even after your property goes missing!
We have a wide variety of tags for all kinds of purposes. Every one of them is tough, waterproof, and UV-proof.