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Number ONE Reason for not being able to recover lost property is…

… simply not having any information on the property to help the finder contact you!

That is why lost&found rooms in transit centers, convention halls, hotels and restaurants are full of nice things that cannot find their way back to their owners…

Most people want to do the right thing – but simply will NOT try hard if the owner info is not easily to get!  Furthermore, the tag has to provide complete, accurate information and a REWARD to provide an incentive to contact the owner!  Your previous address from five years ago will not do you any good when traveling away from home!

Protect against Identity Theft!

It is risky to have your contact information visible to everyone. Even a phone number or email address can give away more than you want to share at the airport, meeting area or transit center.  With dynotags featuring our patented DynoIQ™ Smart Tag technologies, you control who sees what information when – and even update the tag contents after your the property goes missing!  Use your tablet or smartphone to post updated, accurate information, additional rewards, your temporary address – whatever will make it easier for the finder to contact you!

Lost & Found offices, first responders, security and transportation service staff are required to give their best effort to contact you using the information in the tag – if they can see a tag. A dynotag on your belongings provides them with that information, helping you recover your goods.

We have a wide variety of recovery tags for built for different purposes. They are all tough, waterproof and UV proof.