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SuperTagID® Smart Luggage & Property ID Tags

Lost & Found offices are required by law to make their best effort to contact the owner of items they find. Yet, they are full of items that can't be returned, simply because their owners are not known!  Cell phones, tables, eyeglasses, handbags, luggage - you name it - they all share the same dark fate!

Reward people for doing the right thing.
Finding misplaced property, most folks try to find the owner.  If it's easy, great!  If not, they'll give up quickly!  Dynotag SuperID® Smart IDs let you provide custom, rich information with photos and other relevant information you can update at any time so your property can find its way back home!  Furthermore, our popular Good Samaritan Rewards program offers incentive rewards to good folk - at no cost to you!

Protect against Identity Theft!
Why take a risk of identity theft or worse - by providing too much information - or not enough information when your item is lost?  Our patented Smart ID Tags let you control who sees what and when!  You can use a tablet or smartphone to update your information on the fly even after your property goes missing!

Our multi-purpose ID Tags are tough, waterproof, and UV-proof.

SuperIDs® come with our incredible  Lifetime Warranty.  Replace lost or damaged tags - anytime!  (learn more...)

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Dynotag has been providing innovative Smart ID solutions for consumers and businesses since 2011. Satisfaction guaranteed*.  We ship globally.