Dynotag Smart Tags


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Dynotag Smart Tags help your belongings and loved ones safely come back home!



Keep loved ones safe in an unexpected emergency! 

  help loved ones have vital information on their person at all times. First responders love our Super Med ID tags - presenting them with vital information when it is needed most!


Allergies? Medical Conditions? Consent Forms? Insurance information? You can store a variety of vital information in these specially designed tags we developed in cooperation with First Responders. Update anytime. Keep all or parts of the information securely password protected. No loved one should be without!

Make sure your pets can get back home safely! 

 are available in a variety of fun and functional designs and materials!Some pets rarely  run away - others are escape artists - but they always end up wandering away. When that happens, you want to make sure they are carrying vital and contact information on them.


Unlike embedded chips, no special equipment is needed to view the dynotag  Pet Tag.. Any web browser is all that’s needed. . There is no battery to recharge - and no maintenance is required.  Anyone can view the tag and shelters / law enforcement personnel look for a tag on any stray pet - so your preparedness will pay off with a happy reunion.

If you want to keep it, dynotag it!

 for all kinds of belongings!  Bags, luggage, keys, personal electronics, sports equipment  - garments, shoes - the list is endless. Tags made of steel or synthetic materials, tough synthetic stickers.


Attach a dynotag to any property you want to recover. Share as little or as much as you want on your tags, update the information even after your property is out of sight! Our property tags are available in a variety of fun and functional designs and materials, ranging from mega sized Luggage Tags to Micro Zipper Tags!

Leave no asset behind!

 are available in economical bundles!

Need to keep tabs on a lot of equipment, property, tools? These specially designed, economical, bulk tags let you get going without any special software - and they last for life.


Attach a dynotag to any property you want to document. Share as little or as much as you want on your tags, update the information remotely at any time.

Dynotags securely set up in minutes, protect for life. You’ll wonder how you lived without them! A Dynotag Smart Tag works as a private mini web site. Every dynotag displays your contact information and other information you set up. Viewers contact you OR our support team to arrange recovery/remedy! With hundreds of thousands of tags in service, Dynotag® is the leading company providing maintenance-free smart tags with stores in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Powered by our patented DynoIQ™ Smart Tag technologies, a dynotag is a smart tag you can use to attach information to any object. Easy to spot, tough and maintenance free, dynotags require no electronics or batteries. Advanced features work anywhere with Internet.  industry leading features. Reward for Return - included. Lifetime Service - included. Works via web browser to setup or view the tag on phones, tablets or PCs. We offer the largest selection of maintenance free smart tags in the world.

Dynotags come with lifetime service included - NO subscription needed.  Lifetime automated replacement warranty is also included.

We offer purpose-built products for a variety of applications, all powered by our Dynotag Cloud Service (DCS).  Existing Dynotag User? Please read .
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